Entry Level / Nonprofit

Drug and Alcohol Testing Coordinator (Female)

Full Time

RS EDEN is seeking a full-time Drug and Alcohol Testing Coordinator (Female) for its RSI Labs Program.  The Drug and Alcohol Testing Coordinator works with referring agencies in implementing collection, accountability, and transport of female client drug/alcohol testing samples.  This individual is trained and knowledgeable in all aspects of urinalysis collection and accountability processes and is an information resource for probation officers and other customer agencies. 



·        Maintains client records and demographics.

·        Works with referring agencies in implementing collection, accountability and transport of client drug/alcohol testing samples.

·        Attains and maintains knowledge in all aspects of urinalysis collection and accountability processes.

·        Learns, understands and appropriately utilizes the LIMS system at a level of proficiency appropriate to the role.

·        Acts as an information resource for probation officers and other customer agencies.

·        Observes collection of urine samples assuring proper procedures and “chain of custody” are followed.

·        Responsible for the daily operation of the collection center.

·        Works with referring agencies and probation officers in securing sample collections for testing.

·        Maintains automated database of collections, transports, and other records and statistical information as directed.

·        As required, testifies in court concerning collection proceedings and findings.

·        Prepares any required documentation or information for court.

·        Maintains collection site and ensuring adequate stock of supplies are on hand. Requisitions needed supply stock as required.

·        Transports collection samples to testing laboratory on daily basis.

·        Secures samples from point of collection through transport and release to lab technician.

·        Maintains professional working relationship with testing laboratory staff.

·        Maintains computer records of all samples collected. Prepares computerized reports of results for referring agencies, as required, in a timely manner.

·        Collects client fees according to program policy.

·        Mandatory reporting to supervisor of any implied request to tamper a urinalysis sample.

·        Participates in staff meetings and training as required or directed.

·        Safeguard personally identifiable health information (PHI) in accordance with duties and current agency HIPAA notification statement and standards.

·        Knows and follows program emergency procedures when necessary.

·        Responds to client emergency medical needs, when required.

·        Maintains client confidentiality.


·        High School Diploma/GED.

·        Female (Bonifide Occupational Qualification).

·        Ability to work alone with little supervision.

·        Ability to relate to customers as well as people from diverse backgrounds with multiple problems. 

·        Previous experience with data entry and very good data entry skills.

·        Good oral and written skills.

·        Must be able to pass applicable favorable criminal history/background check.

·        One year off correctional supervision.

·        Valid state driver’s license and positive driving record (periodic review of driving record required).



1931 W. Broadway, Minneapolis, MN 55411

fax: 612-287-1616

email: hr@rseden.org